Price : $99.00

Our flagship newsletter, “Insider” Trading which present monthly the insights of Eric Harbor who has a first hand view of Forex trading as the CEO of a global online FOREX brokerage. $99 per month. Pay for 12 months and receive the 13th free.We will also throw in one month free of trading signals.

Daily Signals

Price : $250.00

$25 for 1 Trading Idea per week. Please add $25 for every additional day that you would like to receive a Trading Idea. Example: 5 days is 5×25, or $125 per month. $100 for every day that you require personal training. If you pay $500, then you are entitled to 5 fifteen minute sessions with Eric Harbor.

Intraday Signals

Price : $500.00

This services is $45 per hour, or on a flat pre-negotiated rate. We program on several platforms to help better meet our client base.


Expert Adivsors

Price : $1,000.00

Each pre-built program black-box has a cost of $1000.  Just one good trade makes it worthwhile.

Personal Coaching

Price : $2,000.00

1 month is $2,000
3 months is $4,000 (1 month free)